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Mothweed Cottage

Handmade ceramic Sator square hanging tile

Handmade ceramic Sator square hanging tile

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Sator squares are ancient protective charms made up of 5 lines of 5 letters Latin words: SATOR, AREPO, TENET, OPERA, ROTAS and has been used to ward of everything from demons to housefires. Hang this handmade, ceramic Sator square near or above your front door as a protective ward or give as a housewarming or new home gift.

āœ¦ One handmade ceramic Sator square hanging tile
āœ¦ Made from natural colored, stoneware clay. Each tile was hand cut from a clay slab, then hand stamped and decorated before being fired twice in a ceramic kiln.
āœ¦ Decorated with black and grey underglazes and glazes for a matte effect. Back of tile is unglazed and shows the natural ceramic clay.
āœ¦ Tile has a black ribbon hanger attached.
āœ¦ Tile measures about 3.25 inches wide and the tile is about 1/4 inch thick.

āœ¦ šš‹š„š€š’š„ ššŽš“š„ āœ¦
Letters are hand stamped and do not line up perfectly in a straight line. Some of the letters are askew. Some small scratches in glaze and some small areas of dripped or irregularly glazed areas may be present.

āœ¦ š“š‡šˆš’ šˆš’ š€ š‡š€ššƒšŒš€šƒš„ šˆš“š„šŒ āœ¦
Each piece is handmade by me in Bordentown, NJ and is unique and one of a kind. Irregularities, quirks, and small imperfections are part of the process (and what makes these items so special!), so please look carefully at the photos and read the descriptions thoroughly before purchase.

Due to screen and lighting differences, actual color may vary slightly from what appears on your screen.


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